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Application Hosting (ASP)

At MedSphere, we provide users access to our Practice Management Software without the user having to purchase the software. In a way, they ‘timeshare’ the application for a low monthly cost, which includes support, updates and training. The value of such a concept lies in the opportunity to utilize sophisticated software with inexpensive computers that often times already exist in the practice. Your practice securely accesses the software through the Internet or leased lines.

Our nationally recognized HIPAA compliant practice management software provides appointment scheduling, registration, check-in, check-out, electronic claims filing, automated patient statements, patient recalls, tasks management, receivables management and management reports. Our experienced staff supports you in every way - from pre-installation planning right through hands-on education and training. This focus on education and support furnishes our clients with the working knowledge to maximize the utility of their information network.


Benefits of an Application Service Provider Solution

o   No need for large capital expenditure

o   Lower startup costs

o  You will not outgrow your technology

o   Extensive Training

o   Ongoing support

o   No need to hire expensive support personnel

o   Upgrades and enhancements keeps you up-to-date with regulatory requirements

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System Management

The constant changes in the healthcare industry and in the computer industry can make system management a daunting task for any practice large or small. We provide an information technology (IT) infrastructure in a very cost effective manner which otherwise would be typically unaffordable and unmanageable for a majority of physician practices.

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 Programming Services

We understand that every practice has its individual and special needs. We can help in the programming area with special reports or other programming needs of our clients.  We have over 200 custom reports for Medical Manager™ software.

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We take pride in our training processes. We incorporate our proven operating methodologies in our training cycles as they are aimed at following regulatory guidelines and attempting to maximize the bottom line. We provide initial training with hands on approach. We go beyond software training, we share processes necessary in a practice to improve their efficiency and ultimately enhance the practice's overall financial success. During our ongoing training we work with the practices to determine what type of training would be beneficial for their staff depending upon their skills. This type of training is offered at our office or at the client location.

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MedSphere understands that it is our high standard of support that sets us apart from other like organizations. We provide on-call support and on-site support if necessary. A major part of our support function else involves industry research to provide the latest technological applications. We use the best class of products for better quality support.

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Custom Reports

Data tracking, extraction, outcome analysis and reporting have always proven to be of utmost importance with our organization. Particularly in today's environment when reimbursement complications are coupled with regulatory requirements. We understand that to properly perform our functions and to provide the client the necessary information to appropriately manage the practice, we must provide concise and meaningful reports. To meet these needs, we have three layers of reporting generating a multitude of outcome reports. The first is the system reports, which produces a standard menu of reports considered to be latest in the industry today. Secondly, with in-house system programmer expertise. We have developed a "lay-over" level of report programming which is unique to our organization. This level of reporting has been authored from many years of experience in evaluating the processing of receivables, reimbursement analysis and practice management. Lastly, we are well aware that we are operating in an ever-changing industry with new issues arising constantly. Therefore, we maintain the ability to extract data components necessary to address any given situation and migrate it to a user-friendly database for preferred formatting. Given this flexibility, we are confident that we are able to meet any reporting requirement.

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