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Why would my practice benefit from Outsourced Billing?

Generally, the net income increases when a company like ours manages the billing professionally. This comes from years of focused experience. When considering the cost of the service, you must compare it to the employee cost, their benefits, space, computer systems & maintenance, training etc also, the time required by the physician to oversee and manage the practice. A very important expense, which is hard to calculate, is Revenue Lost. This can be very high due to constant changes in the insurance industry, employee turnover, outdated computer systems, lack of proper training etc. When MedSphere manages your billing you do not have to worry about keeping up with these day to day managerial issues. We seamlessly incorporate each component, not just by meeting but also by beating the industry standards.

How do I know if my practice is performing satisfactorily or not?

In today's complicated reimbursement scenario, you must have the right tools to determine and understand the quality of your practice’s performance. Outcome analysis is the key. We measure and track the performance of each contract and the true reimbursement of each carrier plan by procedure and diagnosis. We take this information and implement any changes necessary to improve the performance. At MedSphere our expertise is pursuing your Success.

How can MedSphere help?

We are happy to meet and review your practice at no charge. We will review performance, make observations and point out the areas that we can assist you with. We customize our solutions to suit your needs. We are fully equipped to manage practices of all sizes.  

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