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Outsourced Billing

Billing Operations

Any practice can understand that the Accounts Receivables function and its efficient management is critical. We provide custom billing solutions, tailored specifically to the needs of our clients. A unique combination of technology, experience and focused approach of our company allows us to produce maximum results for our clients. Our automated billing processes include filing electronic claims, secondary claims, appeals for insurance, denials, patient statements etc.

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At MedSphere we truly believe that the first step to any collections process is the accumulation of correct data. Our proactive approach and our unique processes include multiple but not redundant checkpoints to streamline the procedures to maximize collections by reducing insurance carrier payment cycles and patient dues.  Our system tracks both guarantor accounts receivable and outstanding insurance claims in order to maximize payment. MedSphere’s collection team tracks contracted fees, authorizations, expected payments and fee changes. MedSphere’s experienced staff identifies payer specific edit requirements for submission of all third party and government mandated “clean claims”. Only claims meeting the payers “clean claims” definition are submitted electronically. This feature significantly reduces the claims rejection rate and improves collections.

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Quality Assurance

At MedSphere, our forte is State of the Art systems and the savvy to utilize these systems to their potential. Changes in health care, billing methods, managed care and government regulations require the adaptability , power, and organizational skills skills of MedSphere to enable physicians the freedom to practice medicine. Our experienced and trained staff makes sure we beat the expectations of our clients thus enhancing their ability to take care of their patients instead of following up on their dues.

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Forms Design

Every physician needs several different types of forms, including encounter forms, chart labels, charge slips, etc. We at MedSphere can expertly handle this in a multiple physician, multi specialty and/or multi location scenario.

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Electronic Filing  

In this era of Electronic Data Interchange the transfer of data to insurance companies that accept electronic filing reduces the turn around time on all the claims. This of course is a huge benefit considering how substantially it impacts the accounts receivables of any practice. Communicating electronically as opposed to paper claims reduces the time and cost it takes for a claim to travel from a practice to a clearing house to the payor and back. Thus submitting claims electronically improves cash flow and reduces claims rejection.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Our revenue cycle management uses innovative techniques to reduce accounts receivable days outstanding and increases revenues per patient visit through our established processes, experienced staff and technology. We help identify and improvise on every opportunity to maximize reimbursement and lower expenses.

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Analyze Data

At MedSphere we believe that with our custom reports and advanced management tools, we can uncover the root causes of operational and cash flow issues. These reports are analyzed and we then define and micromanage the processes to streamline the business of a practice.

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Meaningful Reports

The needs and wants of every practice are different. We at MedSphere understand this and thus maintain a very flexible approach in providing meaningful, easy to read, timely reports.

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